The Origin Companion App ensures that families can stay connected with their loved ones and are always kept up to date about important information, updates and events. With our secure network and dedicated messaging system the resident, family and carer can easily stay connected.

The Companion App

Video Calling

Through our own dedicated and secure network you can make Family Companion to Resident tablet calls or even Family Companion to Family Companion calls. They can also switch to video calling seamlessly with just the press of a button.

Simple Secure Private Messaging

The Family Companion app also has it’s own dedicated messaging system which again allows for Companion to Resident Tablet, or Family Companion to Family Companion messaging. You can also send photos or videos to your loved one too! Easily accessed and displayed.

Resident Device Support

With the Family Companion App, instead of just recommending an app for your loved one to install you can go straight ahead and download it onto the Resident Tablet for them.

Family can check the tablets, last known location, last time active and the battery level so you can ensure that your loved one or friend always keeps their tablet charged.

Send easy Reminders

You can also send event reminders to the Resident Tablet directly from the Family Companion App to give an extra reminder to the resident of what events they have coming up!

Update Families on Resident Progress

Easily keep families up to date on all their loved one. 

Family Administrator Portal

Remotely Set up favourite Websites and Apps. Personalise the resident's tablet by remotely setting up favourite websites and apps.

Easy Connect Family Members to Resident.
Enable seamless communication and interactions among loved ones.

Remotely Support Residents Tablets
Provide support for residents to ensure smooth functionality of the tablet.

Check updates from the Facility
Stay informed with the latest updates from the facility.

Share and Manage Media with Residents.
Whether it's photos, videos or other digital content, the portal makes it simple to distribute media, enhancing the residents experience.

Remotely Set up favourite Websites and Apps

Easy Connect Family Members to Resident

Check updates from the facility.

Share and Manage Media with Residents

Remotely Support Residents tablets

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