Empowering Care Teams and Improving Patient Outcomes.

Empowering Care Teams and Improving Patient Outcomes.

Welcome to Connects.Health, where we empower care teams to deliver seamless, digitally enabled support to patients, regardless of their location. Suitable for Step Down Care and Rehabilitation Facilities .

The Connects.Health platform enables care teams to manage and monitor patient observations, symptoms, and assess and collaborate remotely. Through secure messaging, real time updates and shared patient information, health professionals can collaborate seamlessly, making informed decisions and providing optimal care to patients.​

Administration Module

Clinical Administrative tools for staff onsite or offsite.

With our modular approach, you have the flexibility to choose the modules that best suit your organisation and easily scale as your team and residents grow more confident. One modular framework for your entire organisation.


Our dedicated tablet based dashboard further enhances the capabilities of care teams. It enables seamless patient monitoring and administration.


The dashboard supports reablement care pathways, facilitating patients transition from Hospital to step down facility or rehabilitation or from Hospital to home.

With video call functionality and 4G connectivity, care teams can engage in virtual consultations and communicate with patients effortlessly.


Patient Self Management Platform & App

The dedicated patient platform is designed to prioritise the needs of patients. It offers a range of features and functionalities to enhance the care experience.

These include remote device management, enabling healthcare professionals to monitor vital signs through the bluetooth enabled device.

With 4G connectivity patients can also make video calls for virtual consultations and support.


Ward Management

Track and manage bed availability easily, utilising our ward management tools. Highlight when beds are available and easily assign patients. The Ward Management module expedites administration and capacity planning, ensuring easy patient transitions and improved occupancy.

Vitals Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring available for patients in the community.

Allowing for enhanced patient support through vitals monitoring and reporting.

The Origin Care Groups Health Solution, prioritises the seamless delivery of care both in Hospitals and remotely, allowing for the easy set up virtual wards and remote person monitoring. Our solution optimises communication, collaboration and patient support, enhancing the overall healthcare experience.