Age-Friendly Digital Health Solutions for Transition of Care.

Welcome to Origin Care Group. We are proud to offer, an age friendly digital health solution designed to enhance the quality of care and support of individuals in various health settings. Easy to use remote patient management software and age-friendly technology, specifically designed for Step Down Care, Rehabilitation, Virtual Wards, Care Homes, Residential, Assisted Living and Age-Friendly Initiatives for Independent Living.

A Digital Solution for Healthcare, Community Care and Independent Living

Step Down Care & Rehabilitation

Multiple Care Pathways
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Community Care

Virtual Ward Solution / Remote Patient Management
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Independent Living

Social / Government / Community
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A patient management platform that extends patient management and healthcare services beyond hospital walls, simplifies processes, optimises resources and improves patient outcomes.

Supports Integrated Care.

Supports Patients and Clinicians with Transition of Care, Ambulatory Care and Self Management.

Improves Patient Outcomes

Allows for multiple teams to assess patient, Improves patient self management, family engagement and reduces hospital readmission.

Integrates with EHR and IOT​

Integrates with EHR, IOT and legacy systems.

Low Cost and Easy Onboarding

Low cost, quick set up and easy onboarding of staff and patients, with easy to use age friendly technology. Platform can be tailored to suit needs.

Real Time Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration

Real time updates and reports of patient observations, enabling real time multidisciplinary team collaboration.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Easy set up of virtual wards for multiple care pathways.
Lowering hospital admissions and readmissions.

User Centric Innovative Technology


Mobile Clinician Dashboards

Patient Self Management

Carer Modules (Companion)

IOT / Sensors interfaces

Modular Administration Platform, allows for a customised solution that suits your organisations needs.


Technology Design for Clinicians, Carers and Patients. Capable of being configured for different cognitive states, social and health requirements.


Age-friendly technology designed for patients to track and manage their health remotely.

Tools to support digital communications with Patients families and care teams.

Enhanced Patient Support through vitals monitoring and reporting.


Charter Medical Group and Origin Care Group Virtual Ward Technology

The Origin solution is a patient care system that allows care teams to support and assess patients, irrespective of their location, coordinate care with colleagues, patient self management and engage next of kin.

Join the organisations that are getting onboard with age-friendly digital solutions.