Independent Living

Empowering Older Adults through
Age-Friendly Technology.

Empowering Older Adults through Age-Friendly Technology.

Origin Connects supports Independent Living. It ensures older individuals can stay connected, access information, engage in social activities and enhance their overall quality of life through technology.

The Origin Care Group is committed to digital accessibility and inclusivity. We have developed age-friendly technology that caters to the diverse needs of our users.

The Origin Admin portal, Acorn age-friendly tablet and companion / carer app, is now the digital inclusion choice for many local Government and Community Initiatives, Including Mental Health Services, Community Outreach, Library Lending Schemes, Housing Services and Healthy Age Friendly Homes.

By providing age friendly tools for community engagement and the resources to manage and support service users, the connects solution enables practical digital engagement with communities.


Age Friendly Design

Carer / Companion App

Organisation Admin Portal

Preloaded Exercise Videos

Preloaded Healthy Eating Guides

Local News and Events

Social Prescribing

Secure Video Call


Digital Accessibility and Inclusivity

Government Initiatives

Digital Solutions such as the Origin Acorn age-friendly tablet and companion app play a crucial role in combating the exclusion of marginalised communities and narrowing the digital divide gap.

Our Origin Acorn tablet and Companion App provide user-friendly interfaces and features, ensuring accessibility for all. These innovative tools have proven their effectiveness through numerous successful initiatives led by state funded and community voluntary groups. With the support of state-funded and voluntary community groups, our age-friendly technology is making a difference in narrowing the digital divide.

Community Projects

The Origin Care Group aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness by supporting communities and engage people who require additional digital support. Our Origin Connects solution has supported over 50 community organisations across Ireland by connecting marginalised members of the community through innovative digital tools.

The easy to use smart technology enables organisations to help older and the more vulnerable people stay connected. The Origin Acorn age-friendly tablet and app has been used to support active learning, keep informed, helps families stay connected with their older parent, and combat social isolation.

The Consumer

The Origin Acorn smart tablet and companion app has become the age-friendly technology of choice for Irish citizens.

The Origin Acorn age-friendly tablet and companion app was designed specifically for the needs of the older individual. Since its launch in 2019, this award-winning age-friendly technology has quickly become the preferred choice for many.

Thousands of users across Ireland are embracing the power of digital connectivity. Whether it's staying in touch with loved ones from the comfort of your home or going online, the age-friendly tablet ensures seamless communication and keeps users connected like never before.
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