Combating loneliness through Digital Connection.

The Origin ACORN smart tablet and companion app was specifically developed as a way of addressing the digital divide. By providing older people with a user-friendly smart tablet, it is helping people to stay connected and informed, which is helping to combat loneliness and social isolation, in this digital world.

The World Health Organisation estimates that:

Globally, more than 2.5 billion people need one or more assistive products. With an ageing global population and a rise in noncommunicable diseases, more than 3.5 billion people will need at least one assistive product by 2050, with many older people needing two or more.

Designing the ACORN smart tablet with the support of older people is what makes the device unique. Its user-friendly interface ensures that the older individual can use the tablet without feeling overwhelmed by complex technology. Some of the user-friendly features include large icons, clear fonts, colour coded design, customised screens and straight forward menus.

How the Acorn helps to combat loneliness:

The age-friendly tablet ensures easy digital communication with family and loved ones.

It gives access to community services and support groups.

The Acorn creates an environment for life-long learning through online classes and courses.

It also promotes a sense of Independence and enables virtual socialisation through senior-specific social networks.

The Acorn allows for remote health monitoring through Connects Health.

It can help with mental stimulation and entertainment through cognitive apps, brain training games and health and exercise videos.
It encourages remote support by linking to family and carers for support through our companion app.

While the Acorn tablet was initially designed for older people, due to its user-friendly design, it is now being used to support a number of marginalised groups including older adults with intellectual difficulties, cognitive impairment, chronic health issues and visual impairment.

In the 4 years since we brought the product to market, it is now being used by array of organisations. Organisations benefiting from the Acorn include: Libraries Ireland, Age Friendly Ireland, Meals on Wheels, Slainte Care / HSE, Alzheimer's Society of Ireland, Charter Hospital, Mater Hospital, Cluid Housing, Mental Health Association of Ireland,County Councils and various other NGOs and community groups within Ireland.

The Acorn tablet is a unique tool that addresses the unique needs of senior people and marginalised groups and empowers them to stay connected and engaged and live more fulfilling lives.