Community Care

A digital health platform enabling the integration of community care.

Connects.Health is a digital community healthcare platform, allowing for seamless transition of care between acute care and community care. It facilitates the integration of community care teams. GPs, community nurses, mental health professionals, social workers and occupational therapists are able to report the care they provide in one secure platform. It allows for real time observations, monitoring and decision making. ensures continuity of care and support for individuals.

Hospital Care: Coordination of post-discharge plans and support services to ensure smooth transitions of patients to step down care or home care.

Residential Care: Connects residents, staff, families and carers with one scaleable engagement platform.

Primary Care: Allows for a multidisciplinary team approach to patients care in one secure platform.

Independent Living: It empowers individuals with different levels of digital proficiency to manage their health and well-being using age-friendly technology and monitoring devices.

The Benefits of using Connects.Health for Community Care.

1. Integrated Care Coordination​

  • Seamlessly connects healthcare providers, including GP’s, community nurses, therapists and social workers, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated care.

2. Allows for the easy set up of Virtual Wards for multiple care pathways

  • From early onset dementia, frailty to COPD, Connects Health allows for a virtual ward to be set up in relation to the patients condition.

3. Enhanced Communication

  • Facilitates real – time communication among healthcare professionals and carers, leading to better patient outcomes and reduced errors.

4. Efficiency and Time Savings

  • Reduces administrative burdens by centralising patient records and care plans, allowing healthcare providers to spend more time on patient care. Allows for patients to return home from Hospital sooner, due to the team of community care on hand with all the information and tools they need, freeing up hospital beds and decreasing wait times.

5. Enhanced Care Transitions

  • Ensures smooth transitions between different care settings , such as from Hospital to home or residential care, minimising disruptions in care.

6. Data Driven Insights​

  • Reporting tools that provide insights into patient health trends and outcomes, aiding in better decision making . 

7. Improves Patient Outcomes

  • By providing a comprehensive and coordinated approach to care, the platform helps improve patient health outcomes. The patient is able to recover in the comfort of their own home. It also supports community programmes and activities that enhance social connections. Family and carers are kept updated. 

8. Age-Friendly Technology

  • Utilises technology that is accessible and easy to use for older adults or people with cognitive difficulties, promoting independent living and self management of health.