Patient Vitals Module

Patient Vitals Module is a transition of care and remote monitoring solution suite which enables clinicians and patients to stay closely connected during the transition to ambulatory care for convalescing patients and extended periods of health monitoring.


This module enables care facilities offer optional monitoring capabilities where resident or family

  • Dedicated Patient Centric Platform
  • Remote Device Management
  • Help Information / Videos
  • Bluetooth Enabled Vitals monitoring
  • Device Tracking and Management
  • 4G enabled
  • Video Calls
Clinical Observations
 Symptom Management
Secure Communication
  • Multi Disciplinary teams collaboration
  • Dedicated Tablet based dashboard
  • Reablement Care Pathways
  • Transition of Care Pathways
  • ¬†
  • Patient Monitoring and Administration
  • Threshold Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Swab Log
  • 4G enabled Dedicated Platform
  • Video Calls / Messaging

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